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CRYPTO BASE LTD has explored and studied all the possibilities and approaches to cryptocurrency trading and operating in hardware mining to comply with latest trends that have found during the last year and half in the main areas of online investing. CRYPTO BASE LTD is a young company, but the skillfully developed venture strategy, perfectly calibrated tactics of investing assets into development, and our interdisciplinary team makes all the necessary conditions for our firm to take the leading positions in the field of crypto mining and trading.

Our organization follows a modern, reliable mechanism that applies the latest findings in science and digital technology to develop, and makes use of the best programming systems and high-performance lines.

The CRYPTO BASE LTD company was established as an independent business in starting of 2017. Since then, it has brought new means of cooperation and usage of existing miner powers to the area of hardware mining of cryptocurrencies. It is known that the power of miners grows every 4-5 months. It is constantly necessary to buy new miners to have a chance to mine cryptocurrencies and make a profit. We have found another solution. Aside from constantly renewing our miners, we have found a way to upgrade miners of the three existing generations so that their features become technologically close to the newest crypto miners. This allows us to save up assets significantly and, consequently, increase the share of net profit in working capital.

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