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What is Revenue Sharing?

Profits that come from every our product sale will be shared to registered members who have purchased Advertisement Packages not including the 5% referral commission, server fee and additional admin fee. We want to emphasise that we do not sell shares. We only sell advertising services.

Any additional earnings through revenue sharing rewards and/or referral commissions have to be used to make additional advertising services and cannot be withdrawn from the system. This means that we are not an investment company but solely an online advertising company that entails non- guaranteed profit sharing as a bonus.

We have no limits on our daily or monthly withdrawal.
All payments are processed with coinpayments on btc base.


How to Qualify for the Revenue Sharing?

Open Account

To start getting profit from our Revenue Sharing program, you should register as a member to our advertising company.

Purchase package

Purchase an Ad Package of your choice. Each Ad Package gives you the opportunity to use your banners to publish your websites and products.

Click 10 ads daily

To qualify for the revenue sharing bonus you have to click every day a minimum of 10 ads (30 seconds each) in our traffic exchange.

Vacation mode option

You can qualify for Revenue Sharing even when you are on holidays as you can buy click free days in our system.

Once a member is qualified, profit is distributed every 24 hour (if we have received sales for that period).

This is done automatically and will continue till the advertising maturity runs out (depending on the advertising package conditions!).

At this point the advertising packages will cease to earn further. Reaching the maximum is not guaranteed, or affixed to any time frame. It’s completely relient upon sales of advertising, and of course of your qualification.

Available Advertising Packages

Campaign Duracell®

125% in 125 days

(principal included)

  • Amount% per Day

    Total ROI

  • 10$1,0


Campaign GSK®

150% in 125 days

(principal included)

  • Amount% per Day

    Total ROI

  • 100$1,2


Campaign P&G®

175% in 125 days

(principal included)

  • Amount% per Day

    Total ROI

  • 1000$1,4


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