COINEDR LIMITED – Reliable investment company, opened in 2011 in Leeds, the country of Great Britain. The focus was on investing in the crypto currency with the creation of strong information resources to support the growth of the exchange rate. As early as 2012, the company's profits began to increase rapidly, which allowed increasing interest on deposits and the inflow of new investments.

In 2013, due to the company's own profits, real estate was purchased in 17 different cities around the world. This allowed to organize a network of offices and expand activities. In 2015, after the departure of the president and founder Alexandra Kliverson, the company was headed by his son Oliver Kliverson. This gave a new strong impetus to development. In 2016, the company reached the maximum level and is ready to handle any amount of investment. In 2017 the company additionally launches online project

The main task of COINEDR LIMITED is the collection of information on crypto-currencies. The company consists of 10 highly professional journalists who are responsible for strategic development through online translations of extracted information directly into the analytical headquarters. This is the keystone to success and pride of President Alexandra Kliverson. We are the first to learn about all updates, plans of developers and new releases. Due to this, COINEDR LIMITED is able to be the number one company for capitalization and increase of trust management facilities.

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