is a quite young company. We do not have decades of experience, and the average age of our employees rarely exceeds 30 years. However, our friendly team has everything necessary to implement financial projects of any size and any complexity.

The better part of the technical team are graduates of the technology faculties and have long known each other. Close communication and focused interests pushed us to unite and start a small business, which gradually grows to the level of an international company. In 2016, we bought the first ten ASIC miners, who began to form our mining network. We rented, and then bought, several warehouses in the north of the UK, where they organized a data processing center. During the first year of our work, we have included in our network more than a dozen mining farms that are scattered throughout the country and prepared for the rapid growth of business.

In 2017, we registered, which allowed us to attract new partners and seek investment for further development. Like any business, cloud mining requires constant funding, it is quite a labor-consuming and costly process. That’s why we offer part of the company’s profits to our investors. Together we will build a sustainable business that will bring profit for more than a dozen years. passed the registration procedure in October 2017 and is listed on the website of the royal registrar Companies House. You can check our registration data via this link:

In addition, we have been thoroughly tested to connect to the website and data protection services, as well as to issue an extended validation SSL certificate.
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