Profit Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how much you stand to earn when investing with our decentralized, anonymous exchange.
Invest with Our Exchange Receive daily earnings made possible from the profits of our exchange commissions.
Earn between 7% to 10% Daily FOREVER Earnings are calculated at calendar day intervals
Reinvest from your balance Reinvest the balance, and you’ll receive a handsome 2% extra apart from your investment
Choose an investment cryptocurrency of choice above. Then slide the bar below to choose days and input investment amount for which you want to get a daily profit and total profit.
0 0 Days 100
Daily profit 0.07000000
total profit 0.00000000
Invest and receive Daily profit forever. Investment percent will depend on amount you have Invested, the more you Invest, the higher profit you will get. Reinvestments from account balance will give you 2% Extra bonus on top of the deposit.
Below is a glimpse at your referral commissions in 3 tiers or levels
1st is 5%
2nd is 2%
3nd is 1%


Roadmap – We are currently following this roadmap indicative of every significant change to Our current roadmap follows the chronology laid out below.
October 5 2018
The launch of Changepro Investment module.
October 10 2018
The launch of Changepro Exchange module.
3 October 2018
The launch of Changepro cryptocurrency / Token listing
1-5 November 2018
In process
Adding more cryptocurrencies to our listing and exchange
25 November 2018
Launching iOS/Android ChangePro apps
5 December 2018
Adding token (CPRO) to our exchange platform.
5th January 2019
Kicking off the New Year by adding CPRO to biggest exchanges
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