crypto btcc INC. is a successful group of investors. We have been working as a private fund since several years, and now we have opened our site to the general Internet audience.

The main goal of the public program is to attract new serious investors, with whom we are going to work in the private phase of our program, which is to be launched in about a year. During the public phase we pay very high interest to draw attention to our program, these rates will be valid only during the public phase, so now our investors have a great chance of getting great profits in a very short time frame.

CRYPTO BTCC INC. was worked out by the group of successful FOREX traders, active on financial markets since more than eight years. Our expertise and experience give us confidence in our future trading performance, and allow us to attract new investors in order to fully realize the current market potential.
All payments via:
If you don't have these account,you need to get one.
Package Spent Amount (US$) Daily Profit For 15 business Days(Principal return after package expired) Total Earn
A $10 - $250 0.5% 7.5%
B $251 - $500 1% 15%
C $501 - $5000 2% 30%
D $5001 - $10,000 5% 75%
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